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“Mark guided me on a forest therapy walk that was a memorable experience I will never forget. He has a gift of calmness, yet extremely knowledgeable of the wooded surroundings. It was a true gift to be able to experience the outdoors thru his eyes, and to end the day by a creek with hot tea in hand… nothing better.”          


Glenn,  Nashville, TN

"Mark took me on a three hour forest bathing experience I will never forget. Near the end of the evening we found a perfect sit spot beside a stream and had a tea ceremony made with the White Pine branches we collected at the beginning of the walk. I can honestly say that I have never felt more at one with nature, the forest, with Mother Earth. I've never felt more calm, more grounded, more centered. I encourage anyone who has the chance to experience this to take advantage of the opportunity."

Nancy S.


“Mark’s guidance fine tuned our senses encouraging  us to a greater awareness of the magic and majesty that abounds in the forest."”      


Rich, Raleigh, NC

"I'm ready to elevate my hiking experience! Dr. Ellison taught me how to focus my senses and connect with nature on a deeper level at the summit of Satulah Mountain, and I can't wait to apply his forest bathing techniques on future trails."

Sharon M. Elder, PhD

Highlands, NC

"This isn't a hike nor is it in any way strenuous, it is a peaceful walk in the woods. The experience is so much more than that though. It is truly therapeutic. As Mark leads you into the forest, you are guided to a peaceful realm sheltered from the stormy stress of daily life. After a short walk you find yourself standing in a circle on a mossy knoll by the river. At this point the forest therapy begins. Time stands still as Mark shows you how to reconnect with nature, to experience the forest with all your senses, one at a time. If your life is stressful, if your every moment is dominated by the chime of digital devices; you need this more than you know. Sign up for a walk with Mark, you will be glad that you did."   


Dave Godley & Tate Harmer

Maggie Valley, NC

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